Brett Stewart

EOS Implementer

Brett’s passion is helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. After a successful corporate career in consulting, turn-arounds, and as CFO of a billion-dollar company, Brett pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, he has started and run multiple businesses.

The last of those was a healthcare company Brett took from a $400k annual loss to a profit of $1.2 million in three years. But profitability did not mean success, and the business was running him instead of the other way around. That changed when he read Traction and implemented EOS, and after seeing the power of EOS first-hand set out to help others get what they want from their businesses. He now spends all his time helping entrepreneurial teams implement EOS, so they can reach their goals and enjoy the journey.

Brett earned bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Tricia, his daughters Allie and Cassady, and dogs Buddy-Baker and Eddie. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking with his family and racing mountain bikes with his friends.