Clay Kirkland

Facilitator & EQ Coach

Clay is a Lead Facilitator and our go-to Emotional Intelligence Coach. He has worked with over three thousand individuals and dozens of corporations and businesses including Children’s Healthcare, Salesforce, Novartis, Merial, and Elanco Pharmaceuticals, University of Georgia, Sherwin Williams, BMW, Jackson Spalding, and Chick-Fil-A. His lively and engaging presentation style will provide invaluable returns for your team.

Need team assessments to strengthen relationships and build pathways for successful collaboration? Clay is certified in Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Emotional Quotient-Inventory. Need training for your management team? Clay offers seminars in culture creation, team dynamics, conflict resolution, employee engagement, millennial management, and retention. Need a coach to push you further faster? Clay is ready to hit the ground running and serve you, your life, and your business with both wisdom and creativity. In fact, that is the name of his practice! You can learn more about the variety of services Clay offers here: Wisdom And Creativity.

Clay holds a BA in English from UGA and a MDiv from Asbury Seminary.