Josh Jennings

Clinical Life Coach & Counselor

Josh Jennings is the coach and counselor that you wish you had 10 years ago. With certifications in life coaching, clinical therapy, neurolinguistics, and counseling, it’s very likely that Josh can help you solve all your life problems. There is quite literally no topic this man can’t handle.

What’s his secret weapon? Experience. In his 20 years as a therapist at an integrative wellness facility, Josh has grappled with a significant vector of issues and personalities. This has directly led to his development of a wide range of sharp – REALLY sharp - therapeutic tools and tactics that can get clients further faster. Josh often cites Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” To be certain, the impossible never can be accomplished alone, so Josh is here to walk alongside you as you tackle issues standing in your way of being your best self.

We like to think of Josh like a human toolbox – a human filled with tools to make you awesome. Fun fact? Josh’s practice is called “The Toolbox”, which is apropos and further pushes his ability to help others achieve their personal best. You can learn more about Josh’s practice here: The Toolbox.

Josh graduated from Emmanuel College with a degree in Clinical Counseling with a focus on relationship and family dynamics.