Laura Whitaker

Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Laura is a Lion Leadership keynote speaker and go-to consultant for non-profit organizations. Her history growing Extra Special People, a nonprofit designed to create opportunities for people with disabilities to engage, connect, and thrive, is nothing short of legendary. She has spearheaded Java Joy, Camp Hooray, and Miracle League of Athens, all of which are organizations charting new waters and hitting previously unreachable goals in the nonprofit sector. Are you an executive director needing help with nonprofit organization management? Laura has you covered.

Laura also can captivate an audience and inspire them beyond what you thought possible. On March 22, 2019, Laura gave a TEDx Talk titled “The Dandelion Shift: Seeing the Ability in Disability” at the University of Georgia. She shared with the crowd her unique perspective on ability, and how we can each be like the dandelion, spreading what makes each of us “dandy”. Laura is excited to continue planting these seeds of wisdom and offers customized keynotes centered around shifting perspectives, inspiration, and spreading joy.

Laura has a BS in Special Education and a M.Ed. in Autism from the University of Georgia.