Leo Chan

Innovation Expert

Looking to unleash innovation in your organization? Want to unlock innovation & creativity in your workforce? Want practical ways to cultivate a thriving culture of innovation?

With 20+ years of experience in innovation and creativity, Leo has inspired innovators across the globe. Leo is a sought-after trainer, speaker and consultant for all things innovation. He's presented at many well-known conferences and workshops like Front End of Innovation, Creative Problem Solving Institute, STORY, CreativeMornings FieldTrips and IAF Global.

Leo is known for talks and workshops that are impactful, actionable, insightful and inspiring. He's a passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic person who loves talking about innovation. Leo was named the highest rated virtual speaker of 2020 from the Front End of Innovation for his talk on, "Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation."

Leo is currently the Founder of Abound Innovation and was the former Sr. Innovation Lead at Chick-fil-A and former innovator at State Farm Insurance. He was the catalyst for a thriving culture of innovation at Chick-fil-A. He redesigned Hatch, Chick-fil-A's 30,000 sq. ft. innovation center and transformed it into an epicenter for innovation. He developed, trained, and mentored Chick-fil-A innovators. He also created innovation events that inspired over 1000 employees.

Leo is also a named inventor on 41 US patents, insatiably curious and a lifelong learner. He’s always on the hunt for what's new and what's next. Learn more about Leo’s services here: Abound Innovation Inc.

Leo holds a B.Des from York University and a M.T.S. from Tyndale Seminary. He’s a licensed trainer of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, a Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator, a Certified Creativity Coach and an INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™.