Ruby Chandler & Kate Moore

Facilitators & Life Coaching

Ruby Chandler and Kate Moore are Lion Leadership’s go-to business partner when it comes to all things related to mind/body balance.

Kate and Ruby are founders, facilitators and friends. They are wellness professionals who have 20 years of combined experience in the field of fitness, well-being, business ownership, team management, and workshop facilitation.

Together this duo is described as fierce, full of joy, and authentic as well powerful, gentle, and empowering. Why? Because together their work creates spaces for people to reimagine life and ways of thinking, accept challenges in life and business, and cultivate compassion with self and within relationships. 

The Duality Project brings together the awareness of what is with the possibility of what can be. Offering in-person and virtual Heartfelt retreats, Leadership conferences, and seminars like Spiritual Activism 101 with Rachel Ricketts and Somatics and Social Healing with Erin Law and Dr. Robyn Henderson Espinoza, Ruby and Kate are nothing short of an extraordinary force that we have the privilege of using to balance out the frenetic activities of our minds and our day-to-day work-related activity.

It doesn’t have to be the way it’s always been, and Ruby and Kate know that from professional and interpersonal experience. In short, their mission is for us all to wake up and live life on purpose, from the inside out. They remind us that greatness happens when we allow “both/and” to exist. 

Together they invite us to recognize and be: “light + dark; students + teachers; strong + soft; fun + challenged; hard workers + masters of flow; feminine + masculine; grounded + growing; courageous + doubtful; experts + beginners; givers + receivers; consistent + spontaneous; open + set clear boundaries; vulnerable + powerful beyond measure; love + fear.”

Ruby holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. Additionally, she is an E-RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.  

Kate holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Music Business and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Group Personal Training Specialist and an E-RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher.