Building a Workplace Culture that People Love

Wednesday, 5/25 at 12pm EST

You don’t want to be the place where people don’t want to work at, and company culture is a key factor.

Does it feel awesome to work for your brand? Well, then you have an awesome culture. Does it feel energizing? Exciting? Well, then you have an energizing and exciting culture. Or does it feel stressful? Uncertain? And demoralizing? If so, you might run an organization that has a culture of toxicity, poor leadership, and unregulated emotional energy.

Join us May 25th @ 12:00-12:30 EST via Zoom

This webinar will be a 20min presentation by Dr. G, with 10 minutes saved at the end for Q&A.

You will learn:

1) What is workplace culture and how do you get a good one?

2) 4 easy ways to make a workplace culture great

3) The 3 immediate actions to take if your company culture is tanking

Natasha Ganem, Founder of Lion Leadership

Lion Leadership is a company of coaches, consultants, speakers, and facilitators dedicated to creating strong leaders and ambitiously self-sustaining companies through best-in-class coaching, management training, process optimization, and retreat facilitation so that businesses and leaders can be ready for what’s next.

Natasha Ganem, Ph.D., is the founder and principal consultant.

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