Every leader’s journey is different. You’re ready to continue yours. We’ll help you reach your destination.

Reaching the next level of leadership is a frustrating task. Too often, companies don’t provide the support and insight that empowers their best leaders to be even better. Often, even the most skilled and experienced professionals don’t know the questions they need to ask themselves in order to get the coaching that they truly need. Learning procedures and processes is part of being a good manager, but being a good leader requires education of an entirely different nature.

Our || ACCELERATE || program for mid-level career professionals offers personalized coaching that will empower you to embark upon the next stage of your career journey, whether it’s within your current company or to a new destination.

Develop the skills you need to become the best leader you can be.

We’ll start with a personality assessment and the results from a 360-degree review. From there, we’ll focus our 1-on-1 coaching and training on the areas most critical to your advancement. You’ll learn the best ways to:

  • Have tough conversations
  • Recognize and outsmart office politics
  • Deal with a micromanaging boss
  • Collaborate across departments
  • Manage poor performers
  • Understand & improve on your blind-spots
  • Create a driven & collaborative team culture
  • Develop your personal network
  • Crush a virtual or in-person interview
  • Market yourself to find your next best role

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The Accelerate Process


During an introductory call, we’ll discuss your challenges and goals and share how our team can help.


With your personality assessment and 360 review in mind, we will create five custom 1-on-1 training sessions.


Graduate with the tools and mindsets needed to lead better, manage better, and build stronger teams.



“My challenge was that I didn't see myself as a leader. I had a stereotypical understanding of what a leader looked like: commanding, vocal, center of attention. I'm an introvert, and at the time, I couldn't figure out how I could lead in an authentic way. My ‘a-ha moment’ was realizing that leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. It was realizing that I can be quiet and still be competent; I can be reserved and thoughtful yet still find my voice.” - C. Gaillard


“I was settling into a new leadership role and Natasha was very helpful with the transition - particularly as it related to how some of my personality traits could be helpful or harmful as I addressed new situations.” - J. Jarret


“Dr. Ganem is an amazing professional who is passionate about helping others succeed! She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience AND her enthusiasm is contagious!” - J. Rentschler

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One Client’s Story

“The Director of Human Resources at my company recommended the Accelerate program to me. At the time, I was managing a team of seven, and I had asked about professional development programs that would expand my managerial toolkit. My goal was to be more heavily considered for higher levels of leadership in the future.

My confidence soared in a way I never expected with the personality assessment and 360 review. It was truly transformative. I had no idea that my staff thought so highly of me regarding certain aspects of my performance, and my personality.

After this assessment, my Accelerate coach sent 5 training videos. Everything was focused on my unique goals, capabilities, and challenges. It was literally my Accelerate coach on the video talking directly to me! The 1-on-1 coaching sessions that followed the training videos gave me crystal clear direction on what to do to improve. I had never considered or even heard of most of these strategies before working with the Lion Leadership team.

I highly recommend this to anyone trying to become a better leader or manager.”





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The ACCELERATE Training Studio

Get the promotion you deserve with 3-hours of online + on-demand ACCELERATE training today!

Available Studio Packages



Online Training Only

Three 60-min Lessons on How To:

Lead Better
Manage Better
Build Stronger Teams

And Receive Bonuses on How To::

Build a Winning Resume
Find Your Dream Job
Crush Your Next Interview



Online Training + Virtual Coaching

Silver Package PLUS:

Personality Assessment
Complete 360 Review
Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

And Receive These Bonuses:

Custom Training Program Outline
Handpicked Resources From Your Coach
Access to The LION 40 Networking Group

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