Meeting you where you are.

Helping you get to where you need to be.

It’s not uncommon for professionals to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on coaching programs. Doing so can be a life-changing investment.

But let’s be honest. Not everyone has that kind of money - and even if they did, there’s still no guarantee that spending it on a training program will lead to a C-suite job.

We created our ACCELERATE Training Studio to meet ambitious professionals where they are. We know that the costs of coaching programs can be intimidating. But they shouldn’t be a barrier to entry.

Our ACCELERATE Training Studio offerings are a great first step for those looking to get the results-focused leadership coaching they need and deserve. We’ll help you lead better, manage better, and build stronger teams. We’ll also give you a few bonuses.


Here’s what to expect.

The Modules


Real-world tactics to help you become the best leader you can be.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a brand of leadership that’s unique to you
  • Showcase your talent in a way that gets you noticed
  • Harness your self-awareness to crush mission-critical work


Proven strategies to help your team perform at their peak.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Run an aligned and effective department
  • Hold performance-focused meetings
  • Give effective, results-oriented feedback


Practical lessons on how to forge a cohesive and effective team.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate dysfunction and maximize team strengths
  • Cultivate an open, honest, and collaborative culture
  • Coach your staff and build a self-sustaining department

The Bonuses


We also understand that there are times when staying with your current company isn’t an option. With the ACCELERATE Training Studio packages, you’ll have access to bonus material that’ll help you make the successful leap to a new company.

Resume Tips & Template

It’s time to update and polish your resume. But to win a mid-career job opportunity these days, yours needs to shine. We’ll share the template that we use for our clients, as well as some extra insider tricks on style and wording.

$249 Value


Job Search Training

After dusting off your resume, we need to give you a few pointers on how to find the right job for you. Our clients apply for jobs strategically, not at random. We will help you design a strategy that will shorten your search time.

$249 Value


Interview Prep

Landed that coveted interview? Now it’s time to seal the deal. We’ll teach you how to prepare for any question & how to tell your story in an engaging, compelling way. Put your best foot forward & secure the dream job you deserve.

$249 Value


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The Results Speak For Themselves

"This training package is so much better than other online trainings out there. Dr. G knows exactly what it feels like to be in my shoes. She inspired me to get out of my work rut and now I know exactly how to do that."

Samantha B.

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The Results Speak For Themselves

"I was sold after watching the '4 Must-Have Mindset' freebie. Not only did I invest in the online training, I leveled-up to include 1-on-1 coaching calls. 100% that was the best thing I have done for my career - ever."

Nathan L.

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Online Training Only

Three 60-min Lessons on How To:

Lead Better
Manage Better
Build Stronger Teams

And Receive Bonuses on How To:

Build a Winning Resume
Find Your Dream Job
Crush Your Next Interview



Online Training + Virtual Coaching

Silver Package PLUS:

Personality Assessment
Complete 360 Review
Three 1-on-1 Sessions With A Coach

And Receive These Bonuses:

Custom Training Program Outline
Handpicked Resources From Your Coach
Access to The LION 40 Networking Group