No two companies are alike. No two people are alike. We offer talent development that is as unique as your brand.

Coaching and training can help engage, enrich, and energize your employees. That's why we offer both in-house management training programs and off-site leadership retreats designed for team-building and strategic planning.

Giving your top performers the development resources they need to win at work is often all that is needed to keep them from leaving. These resources can provide you and your company with the edge you need to succeed.

So why would you settle for standardized, off-the-shelf training and development programs?

We’ll work with you to develop training programs and retreats that will bring out the best in your people. Our custom offerings range from individual sessions tailored to meet your specific needs to a comprehensive strategy designed to build your company’s next generation of leadership.

Create a custom solution with an Integrate package today.

We'll start by understanding the needs of your team, department, company or brand. Then we'll design the strategy needed to get you from 'where you are' to 'where you want to go.' Choose from a variety of the following available services:

  • Off-site retreats & strategic planning
  • Keynote speaking & leadership training seminars
  • In-house management programming & certification
  • Personality assessments & 360 reviews
  • Support for high & low performers
  • Process optimization & automation services
  • Emotional intelligence & self-awareness training
  • Engagement surveys & custom retention strategies
  • Conflict mediation & dysfunctional team support
  • Merger preparation & change management systems

Schedule a call to get the custom package you need. Let's get your people ready for what's next.

The Integrate Process


During this introductory call, we’ll discuss your challenges and goals and share how our team can help.


We’ll design a custom solution for you, and craft a programming that meets your unique needs.


Together, we’ll prepare you for the next stage of your business evolution, and celebrate your launch!



“Natasha and everyone at Lion Leadership are a tremendous asset to have on your side. Whether it is to get some clarity on branding, processes, growth, or many other business topics, they can help you think through pretty much any business-related topic.” - W. Zwirn


“The virtual retreat was top shelf. It kept me interested, engaged and informed from start to finish. The moderator, speakers and host were awesome!!!” - M. Hargrove


“Natasha listens to exactly what you need/want and has resources to find the answers you are seek. She also gives concrete answers and not the philosophical answers consultants are stereotyped to give.” - C. Allred

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One Client’s Story

“This year has been brutal on our team. Morale is down, stress and anxiety are up, and the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing because we have gone through so much change. We needed a shot in the arm. Something to lift spirits, unite siloed departments, and to fill a long unfilled desire of our people to learn something new and to grow as individuals and team members.

Natasha and the other speakers at Lion Leadership are really quite spectacular. We were able to customize a day-long, off-site retreat that accomplished everything we wanted. It was actually better than I expected, and even impressed our introverted staffers who didn’t want to dedicate the time to an off-site.

The variety of speakers, activities, reflection periods, and engagement sessions were of the highest caliber. In fact, all of the 19 people who took the follow-up survey said that they learned something new, were inspired or motivated, and had fun.

Definitely will have Lion Leadership back next year!”





Schedule a call with us & see your vision come to life.

Lion Leadership’s personalized coaching and strategy will help you take your business to the next level.