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Advice on Mergers

In this episode of the Lion40 podcast, Retta Gardner, EVP of Wholesale, A Mortgage Boutique, talks to us today about getting through company mergers. Mergers are a stressful time, especially if company cultures are different. If you have someone that is already thinking of leaving, this is likely the time they will do it. Here is what you need to retain people and lower stress levels.… Read More

Onboarding New Hires with Intention

Onboarding New Hires with Intention In this LION 40 Podcast episode, Kimeran Johnson, Chief People Officer at Studer Family of Companies, talks today about onboarding new employees with intention, making sure people feel like they belong early on, and building … Read More

Designing an Intentional Team Culture

Derek Paganini, the managing partner at Roam, talks about the great work culture he’s experienced, how important the health of your team is, why meetings really are necessary and getting the most from them, and a mindset shift of giving opportunities to employees.… Read More

Leading First When Navigating Ambiguity

Leading First When Navigating Ambiguity Codie Haddon the Director of Projects & Experiences at Orchestrate, talks about navigating ambiguity and taking a kernel of an idea from a client and leading first for his team to a successful project.

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