If you are a people leader, and if you have been for a while, then you know what it is like to lead both high-performing employees as well as low-performing employees. Below is the 9-box model I often teach my management students. Take a look below and assess the performance of your team members. Do you have future leaders? Or do you have under-performers? Worse, do you have enigmas? Or dilemmas?

The goal is to develop future leaders. Yet having high-impact performers, trusted professionals, growth employees, core employees, and effective employees are great as well. These professionals you will want to retain. And they all may need unique strategies to do so. Yet the question we need to answer today is what to do about your future leaders to keep them invested in your company and the work of your brand.

The answer is so simple yet so initially counter-intuitive that it can at first be confusing and then a complete palm-to-face moment. The number one thing you need to do to retain your top-most performers, aka your future leaders, is to ask them what you need to do.

See what I mean?

Palm-to-face. Your welcome.


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Natasha Ganem, Founder of Lion Leadership

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