There is nothing worse than then being unhappy at work, doing a job you don’t like. It is depressing, demoralizing, and it can impact both your mental health as well as your relational health with others in your home life. Why? Because we bring home to work with us, AND we bring work problems home.

This is hard. Yet you can do hard things – we believe it! From Lion Leadership, our advice to people who are unhappy at work is to change these three mindsets.

#1 – Coming to Work à Showing Up to Work

Ever worked a job where you hung out in the parking lot until the VERY last minute to when you had to walk in? Are you showing up late and dreading the day? If you are unhappy at work, doing the bare minimum at your job, you are simply coming to work. We encourage you to “show up” at work as your best self. What would it look like for you to come in projecting yourself in your best light? With your best energy? With your best of intention? The reason question to wrestle with is – are they holding you back or are you holding you back?

#2 – What Have They Done For Me Lately à What Have I Done For Them Lately

Your company owes you money for your job description. Nothing more. Yet if you have gone above and beyond for a year or two, you have done something for them that might deserve reciprocation. There is no such thing as “I did a good job so I deserve a promotion.” NO. Above and beyond your scope of responsibility is the goal – and to do it before being recognized for it in terms of salary or title.

#3 – The People Here Are Obstacles to My Advancement à I Am The Obstacle

If you are frustrated by people you work with, by processes that seem unchangeable, by the bureaucracy that is stifling, you need to know that this matter will follow you wherever you go. Your goal should be focused on how you can lead yourself and your team well enough to reach beyond the gap of what is happening and what you think can happen. Don’t stand in your own way of advancement being unhappy at work with negative thoughts that barricade your production.

Try to Grow First

Please do not work a job you are unhappy with. Yet we don’t encourage clients to seek a new job immediately. Change yourself and grow yourself first. Then, think about a different position. Should you need any extra help – call us! We believe deeply that everyone who works needs a workplace coach. And, if you don’t have one, we can handpick a great match for you when you are ready. You can also check out another post; THINKING OF SWITCHING JOBS? 3 THINGS TO DO FIRST.

We wish you the very best of luck with finding ways to be happier at work.

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